Topical IGCSE Mathematics Full Set



Part 1
1)Integers, HCF/LCM, Prime numbers, Sig Figs, Dec Places
2)Sets & Venn Diagrams
3)Conversation-Percentages, Fractions & decimals
4)Order by size
5)Standard form
6)Additions/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division of fractions & decimals
8)Using Algebra to solve problems
9)Factorisation (Linear)
10)Algebraic Fractions
12)Graphical inequalities
13)Sequences & nth term
14)Direct/Inverse Proportionality
15)Kinematics, Distance-Time & Speed-Time graphs
16)Properties of shapes
20)Angles (Circles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons & Triangles)

Part 2
1)2D shapes perimeters
2)Circle problems (Area,circumference,arcs)
3)3D shapes volumes & surface areas
4)Equations of a line (gradients,mid-points,perpendicular & parallel lines)
6)2D phythagoras & trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)
7)Sine & cosine rule
8)3D phythagoras & trgonometry

Part 3
1)Histograms, Bar Chart, Pictograms, Scatter Diagrams & Frequency Distributions
3)Cumulative Frequency & Frequency Density Diagrams
7)Using a calculator
9)Currency Conversations
10)Finance Problems
11)Exponential growth and decay (inc compound interest)
12)constructing graphs & solving equations graphically
13)Tangents and gradients
15)Linear equations
16)Simultaneous linear equations
17)Linear inequalities
18)Quadratic equations


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